We released some new product updates in October to improve your experience with Datamolino.

Here’s what you can do with Datamolino now:

Inventory and quantities for Xero

One of the most awaited feature for all clients who hold stock and track inventory. Now you can export quantities and item codes from Datamolino directly into Xero. This feature is still work in progress, so if you have any ideas how we can improve it for you, please let us know.

Google it & Show contact in Xero

Google it: As the name suggests, simply google the company name for further details directly from the document view using Lookup link.

Show in Xero: This link takes you directly to the contact in your Xero company. Please remember, you can still edit some of the most important contact details directly from Datamolino. This option saves time and clicking when you need to edit additional details.

New look for document detail

Thanks to the condensed mode you can review all the invoice data at a glance. Expand the form with one click to edit the details. It remembers the view based on your last action - you can keep the sections expanded or closed based on your preference.

Spam filter screen for easier review

Until now, the spam filter offered a preview of only 5 emails that stopped for your approval. Now, you can review all emails in a new screen which makes the process easier and saves space in the folder.

…and a few tips that we recommend to try:

Pro Tip 1: Automate due date

and select the option:

If you need to set your own due dates following your pay run deadlines or internal rules, this feature is for you. Simply create your own rules and override due dates printed on the invoice.

Pro Tip 2: Automate invoice description

Inside the Automation screen, you can set up the default invoice description for your suppliers. This will override the one captured from an invoice. Plus, use this same process to set other invoice coding rules like approval status, invoice view, etc.

Pro Tip 3: Batch payments for Xero

Add 'Batch Payments' - account number to your contact details directly from Datamolino. Just click Edit on Xero contact in the document detail.

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