If you have a new supplier or a client emailing documents to your folder, first the emailed documents stop in the spam protection filter until you approve them. You can also delete the emails.

A small envelope indicates there are some emails waiting to be approved:

Follow these steps to approve the stopped emails:

1. Open your folder and click on the Stopped Emails button

2. To review what is inside of the email, simply click on the email

3. To approve multiple emails at once, select the emails you wish to approve*

4. The final step is to select one of the options:

  • Process emails always - add the sender to the whitelist and approve all emails from the same sender that already stopped in the spam filter (bulk action)

  • Process email once - process the email only this time

  • Delete - delete only this email

  • Delete all emails from this sender (when you click the small arrow)

*Bulk actions for stopped emails were released in April 2022.

How to approve sender's email address upfront

If you wish to approve the email addresses of your suppliers, clients or staff members upfront, you can add them to the 'Email whitelist' in Datamolino.

Please go to the 'Folder settings', and then to the option 'Email Import'. Here you can add multiple email addresses which will be allowed by Datamolino for all later imports of documents.

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