This is a quick summary of the latest improvements in Datamolino released in November.

Here's what you can do with Datamolino now:

Review line items in fullscreen mode

Newly added option to show line items in fullscreen allows for easier reviewing and editing experience. While you can already add, delete and code your line items here, please let us know if any other functionalities could make this screen even more usable for you.

Using shift key for invoice multi-select

If you need to select multiple invoices in bulk, pressing the shift key can help. Simply hold down the shift key, select the first and last invoice in your range and Datamolino will select all files in between. It also enables you to exclude specific files from the selected group - click on the files that should be removed.

Turn on/off Xero inventory

Inventory has become an optional feature in Datamolino. Depending on your use case, you can now turn it on/off in the folder settings. If you are unsure how the inventory feature works or whether it may be useful in your case, please check this article or contact our team who would be happy to advise.

Email routing - sales as default import destination

This feature may help users who process sales invoices via Datamolino. Change the email routing in the folder settings if you wish to use sales as a default import destination for your folder instead of adding @sales within every email. This makes sense if you use separate folders for purchases and sales.

Easier copying into the contact form

A small change reducing unnecessary steps when editing contact details. When you now click add/edit new Xero contact, the additional details show next to the invoice preview, allowing you to copy all contact details from the invoice more easily.


Is there anything missing in Datamolino? Do you have any suggestions for us? Our team is always keen to learn about your feedback. Feel free to contact us here.

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