Increased legibility was the goal of this change. The document detail now resembles an invoice, it features the supplier name and all the invoice data in a concise view. This removes clutter, saves space on the screen and increases legibility.

Thanks to the condensed mode you can review all the invoice data at a glance. You can expand the form with one click when you need to edit the details. This will speed up the review of invoices before exporting them to your cloud accounting.

New document detail sections:

Please note: the Supplier and Invoice sections remember their state. So if you keep them open when you go to the next document they will show up as open.

Document status

Here you can see the status of the document. If the document has been exported to Xero there is a link to Xero to review the export if needed.


When the supplier is paired with the Xero contact, the document detail gets condensed to declutter your workspace. You can click the section to expand the form and edit the supplier settings.


The invoice header contains the invoice number, dates, document type and currency. The interface remembers your preferred view - expanded or condensed depending on your last action.

Invoice details

We have moved the invoice description to this section because it is exported only with the Invoice Total or with the Tax Summary. This is more consistent with what you find in the exported document.

Condensed view

This view saves vertical space and makes all the invoice data available at a glance. Thanks to the text only design, there is less clutter.

Expanded view

The form can be expanded manually to edit the data and Supplier Automation options. The Supplier section opens automatically when the invoice supplier is not paired with your accounting package. The Invoice section stays open when you expand it.

Released: 18.10.2021

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