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Datamolino release notes 1.9.4 (July 13, 2020) - Contact management
Datamolino release notes 1.9.4 (July 13, 2020) - Contact management

Improved 'Contact Management'

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A lot of under the hood but also user facing improvements in how Datamolino manages Suppliers and invoice contacts.

Here are the key changes:

1. Improved invoice matching to existing supplier and customer contacts

  • The mapping is more complex today and it covers more scenarios and edge cases. Click here for more details on how we improved this process.

  • It generates more accurate and cleaner results in your folder which leads to less duplications and improves consistency of data coding. Plus, for all our Xero/Quickbooks Online users it also means better syncing with your accounting system.

  • This feature is mostly relevant for our API clients.

  • The Contact details that can be edited are Tax ID, VAT ID, Company ID, Company address and the financial details.

  • This is also a preparation for the upcoming invoice payment feature.

  • This feature works great for all our users and it simply allows you to group contacts.

  • This means no more variations of the same suppliers or customers in Datamolino. It works for all future invoices too.

  • Click here for more details.

4. NEW Dashboard: Folder Contacts

  • In this new dashboard, you can find the list of all contacts extracted by Datamolino and you can also edit and merge them here.

  • When necessary, you can also create a new contact.

  • Here are more details about this feature.

Special note for Xero users:

  • You manage two list of contacts in Datamolino. Both are essential for you but each serves a different purpose. In the future we will work on converging this feature so it is a bit easier to handle.

  • One set of contacts are "Folder Contacts". These are contacts that are created automatically by Datamolino based on the data found on your invoices. These new features allow you to manage these contacts.

  • You also manage Xero Contacts in the Supplier Automation screen. There you manage how export into Xero is automated.

  • Currently each invoice is matched based on the Folder Contact to your Xero Contact in the invoice detail screen.

  • Please note that if you merge contacts the Folder Contact will change on all corresponding invoices. However the individual invoices stay paired with the Xero Contact. So make sure the invoice is always paired with the correct Xero Contact before export.

  • Correctly merging contacts will help Datamolino to correctly pair Folder Contacts with Xero Contacts.

  • If you want to edit your Xero or QuickBooks online contacts, please use the dropdown 'Xero/QuickBooks contact' on the right side which syncs with your accounting package. Please check here for more details.

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