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Datamolino release notes
Datamolino release notes (June, 2021)
Datamolino release notes (June, 2021)

Sales folder view, new automation metrics, automatic refresh for Xero contacts & more

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We introduced a couple of improvements in Datamolino in June and here is a quick summary of what's new:

Default folder view (purchases/sales)

For those of you who process sales invoices in Datamolino, it is now possible to change the default folder view to 'sales' via 'Folder settings' dashboard. After opening the folder, the sales area will show up immediately, so there is no need to switch from purchases. We recommend to change this when the folder is used primarily for sales.

New metrics in Export Automation report

If you want to know how much auto-export is utilised for your suppliers in a given period of time, we’ve added new metrics in the Export Automation report:

  • Active suppliers

  • Automated suppliers

  • Supplier automation %

Find out how much you automate with this report and which folders need your attention.

Improved refresh for Xero contacts

After adding or editing a new contact in Xero, Datamolino will try to automatically update the list of your Xero contacts in Supplier Automation dashboard (within up to 30 seconds). This should cover most of the scenarios but if you encounter a syncing problem, please initiate the refresh manually.

Initiate a webhook callback request manually

We've added a new functionality for webhooks that allows you to initiate a webhook callback manually from the document detail or document list.

Sunsetting 'Xero HQ' and 'Payments'

Based on the feedback from our customers, we decided to sunset the following two features in Datamolino: Xero HQ and Payments (except for 'Mark as paid'). As of July, 2021 these features will no longer be available in Datamolino.

Xero HQ sunset has been also agreed with Xero as they are planning to push Xero HQ to be even more useful for their clients.

Mark as paid feature which has been brought to Datamolino with 'Payments' feature is still available in Datamolino.

If you prefer a personal walkthrough, just let us know and we're happy to show you the features around in Datamolino!

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