Many companies have their own dates for their pay runs and want to set the due dates on invoices based on their internal rules. That is why the due date is the most edited field in Datamolino. Due dates can be automated with Supplier automation on the Folder level or individually for specific Suppliers.

TIP: You can use this same process to set invoice coding rules or override invoice descriptions.

Set Due Date rules on the Folder level

When you save a Due date rule for a Supplier, it will override the due date that is captured on the invoice. This is helpful if you need to use your own due dates on supplier bills.

Navigate to the Supplier Automation of your Folder. With the Default Settings you can set Due Date rules that will be applied for all new contacts. For existing contacts you can use the Mass edit contact settings function to edit all your supplier contacts in one go.

You can always use different settings for individual Suppliers if you need to.

How to set Due Date rules for all your suppliers

  • When you are in your Folder you can find the Supplier Automation in the folder menu on the top right of the screen

  • In the Supplier Automation you can setup default rules for all new contacts using the Default settings option or edit all your existing contacts using the Mass edit contac settings option. Click the appropriate button.

  • Both options work in a similar manner. You just set the options that you want to have as default and apply the settings. In this case, you can change only the Due Date rules.

You can use fixed days of the month or calculated dates based on the issue date of the bill:

How does Datamolino calculate the dates?

... of current month

... of following month

From the import date (not invoice issue date)

... day(s) after the bill date

... day(s) after the end of the bill month

From the issue date captured on the invoice

Set defaults for specific Suppliers

When you are in the Document Detail you can access the supplier automation settings of your Xero contact by clicking on the Automation button in the supplier section.

You can set your rules for this specific supplier in the Automation screen that will pop-up when you click the Automation button:

You can use fixed days of the month or calculated dates based on the issue date of the bill:

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