Over the past few months, we have made many under the hood upgrades of Datamolino as well as couple of new user facing improvements.

Here is a quick summary of what’s new:

  • New duplicate checks

  • Mandatory two-factor authentication

  • Optional mark as exported

  • Reference for sales invoices

  • Bulk actions for stopped emails

  • Export settings for blank invoice number

Read on for more details👇

New duplicate checks (Total & Issue date)

Until now, Datamolino has been detecting duplicates based on the supplier name and invoice number match. Now, you can add two additional parameters - Total or/and Issue date. You can enable these additional duplicate checks in 'Folder defaults', the first tab under the 'Folder settings'.

Mandatory two factor authentication (2FA)

As previously announced, following the industry-wide security standards we are making 2FA mandatory for all our users. With 2FA adding an extra layer of security to your login process, the main goal is to protect access to your Datamolino account.

If you have not yet enabled 2FA, please set it up now. The process takes only few minutes.

Keep status 'ready' after exporting to xls/csv

A small improvement that hopefully makes life of those of you exporting to xls/csv easier. Until now, all exported files automatically changed their status to 'exported'. Disappearing from 'Ready to export' made it difficult if you needed to locate and re-export them later.

Now, you can decide if you wish to keep the status unchanged. Simply untick the box as on the above screenshot. To make it your default, change it in the dropdown 'Export to file' under the 'Folder defaults'.

Add reference to sales invoices (Xero users)

For those of you who export sales invoices to Xero, you can now export also 'reference' in addition to invoice number. This is an optional field that can help you search for the invoice in Xero and match it with your bank account transactions.

Bulk actions for stopped emails

It is now easier to manage the stopped emails in your folder. Simply select all emails you wish to delete or process instead of opening each individually.

Exporting blank invoice number (Xero users)

Based on the feedback from our users, we added a setting to prevent exporting purchase invoices with blank invoice number. If this is the option you prefer in your workflow, please head to the 'Folder settings' to change the default.

Is there anything missing in Datamolino? Do you have any suggestions for us? Our team is always keen to learn about your feedback. Feel free to contact us here.

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