With the recent design changes in Datamolino, we also added a couple of new features and improvements that can help you with your workflow.

Here is a quick summary of the latest improvements:

Easier line items coding

A small change that speeds up line items coding. Copy the settings from the first line to all subsequent lines by one click. You can either choose the individual setting you wish to apply or copy ‘All settings’.

New 'Folder Defaults' available

File splitting - Automatic vs Single invoice

Default in Datamolino is set to ‘Automatic splitting’ which works great for PDFs containing multiple invoices. However, if you receive mostly single invoice PDFs (each PDF = 1 invoice with one or multiple pages), feel free to switch to ‘Single invoice’ for more automated processing and quicker turnaround times.

'Export' vs 'Export & Next'

inside the document

Until now, Export & Next was the only available option. We learned that some users prefer to stay on the same document after exporting it to review results in Xero, so we added a simple 'Export'. In such case, Datamolino won’t switch you to the next ready document in queue. Select the option that suits your workflow better in folder defaults.

…and a couple of features that we recommend to try in new interface:

Filter ‘Favourite’ folders

Previously, the only option to navigate through the favourite folders was using the ‘Folder switcher’. Now, you can filter your FAVOURITE folders in the main dashboard too. When switching between the folders, the filtered list stays remembered.

Document Filter

We have moved the invoice search from the navigation bar. You can now open the Filter widget when you need it by clicking on the Filter button.

Speaking of the new design, if you haven't read our post about the changes in Datamolino interface, check out this article.

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