This report gives you an overview of how much 'Auto-export' is utilised in your Datamolino folders. You can download it into an excel and start your analysis.

The report helps you understand which folders need your attention and uncover opportunities where the Auto-export can be utilised more. It can also help you understand why in some folders the documents cannot be automated that much (e.g. small number of recurring supplier invoices).

You may find clients where it can make sense to ask for increased quality of their scans or encourage them to get the digital copies directly from their suppliers, so the Auto-export can be turned on.

What data is included in the report?

When you download the report, you will see the below metrics for each folder in your main dashboard:

  • Manual export - Number of documents exported manually

  • Auto export - Number of documents exported automatically

  • Exported TOTAL - Number of all documents exported

  • Auto export %

New metrics added:

  • Active suppliers

    Total number of Xero Contacts with at least one exported document in a given period of time

  • Automated suppliers

    Total number of Xero Contacts with enabled Auto-export and exported at least one document in a given period of time

  • Supplier automation %

    Tells you a percentage of how much was Auto-export utilised for suppliers in a given period of time.

    (Automated suppliers / All active suppliers) * 100

You can download the report for:

  • Last week

  • Last month

  • This week

  • This month

How to interpret results in the report?

A low percentage in the last column indicates that auto-export is not utilised for many active suppliers.

However, if you see a high Auto-export % (fourth column), it means the overall number of auto-exported documents is quite high which is great. This can be explained by the situation when you have few recurring but high-volume documents suppliers along with other suppliers not representing such a significant volume of documents.

The goal should be to increase % in both columns. We understand this may not be always possible, for example when not having that many recurring suppliers. For the most part, it should give you clarity to what extent the automation is used and on a per-folder basis understand if there are any opportunities to automate more.

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