We introduced a couple of improvements in Datamolino over the last couple weeks. Here is a quick summary of what's new:

Folder switching + favourite folders​​

When using multiple folders in Datamolino, it is now much quicker to navigate between folders. You can jump straight from one folder to another or use the same tool in the 'My Folders' dashboard. Plus, select the FAVOURITE ones that will always show up on top of your list.

Search in all folders

The new search function is perfect for situation when you look for a specific invoice but not sure which folder to open. It is available in ‘My folders’ dashboard and as the name already indicates, it allows you to search for invoices across all your folders by supplier name, invoice number or invoice text.

Update Xero automation rules in invoice preview

and when you click, the wizard pops up:

There is no longer a need to go into Supplier Automation dashboard to update the automation rules. All supplier defaults including Auto-export can be now updated inside an invoice preview. The colours help indicate if the Auto-export is turned on for the specific Xero contact (blue = turned on).

Read more about the Auto-Export.

Folder Notes​​

The simple notepad inside an each folder allows you to share important information with the other team members. It can be anything from instructions on invoice coding to exceptions handling, client contact information or internal process notes. Please remember, these notes are visible to all users that have access to this folder.

Invoice payments

(UK banks and local transfers for now only)

If you have not tried it yet, you can now pay your invoices directly from Datamolino. This feature allows you to make a bank transfer to your supplier and sign it in your online banking. We have partnered with Crezco to bring you this service.

Find out more about payments.

... plus, some other little improvements:

Approval status in the document detail (Xero users)

This setting allows you to change the approval status only for the invoice that you have currently open. When you change the status here, it won’t affect the supplier automation defaults. ​

Stop processing

We understand that sometimes the situation requires the documents to be exported quickly. There might be a tight deadline and the documents are submitted at the last minute.
You have now the option to ‘Stop processing’ documents. Please note it works for single invoice PDFs only. If the PDF has more than one invoice, you may still stop processing but there is no option to split PDF into individual documents manually.​

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you are interested in a personal walkthrough by our team.

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