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Datamolino release notes
Datamolino release notes (April 2021)
Datamolino release notes (April 2021)

New checksum validation & reports for auto-export and supplier automation settings

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We are happy to announce the latest improvements in Datamolino that we made in April. Have a look what’s new in Datamolino:

Checksum validation for line items and tax summary

This is a new feature in Datamolino to encourage our users to safely automate their exporting flow. It won't allow exporting to Xero if checksum of 'Line items' or 'Tax summary' does not match 'Invoice Total'. It is simply a precaution to avoid any errors in your accounting and thus make you more comfortable with exporting your documents to Xero and utilising the Auto-export function.

Export Automation Report

This report gives you an overview of how much Auto-export is utilised in your Datamolino folders. It can help you uncover opportunities to start using Auto-export more in folders with low percentage or help you understand why in some folders the documents cannot be automated that well.

Supplier Automation Settings Report

(for Xero users only)

It is now possible to generate a report showing all supplier automation settings saved in your folder. The details like the approval status, ledger account, tax code and other settings saved as defaults. If you want to run a quick check on your settings and obviously you do not want to do it one by one in Datamolino, generating this report is an easy way to review the settings in bulk.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if we can organise a personalised walkthrough for your team.

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