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This is an introduction to connecting Datamolino with other web applications by using the 'Webhooks'. In this article you will learn:

  • What are Webhooks?

  • When should I use it?

  • How to set it up?

What are webhooks?

In simple words, webhook can be described as a message sent from one application to another when a specific event happens. It enables communication between two web applications.

For example, Datamolino performs a webhook callback to another application when documents become ready for export.

In order to receive information from Datamolino, you will need to tell us where the information should be sent to. This is done by specifying the URL of receiving web application or service that you use.

When should I use it?

  • If you want to process results from Datamolino using one of the integration platforms (e.g. Zapier, Integromat) which allow you to process the data from Datamolino for various purposes (notification, reporting, import into other systems, ...).

  • If you are able to configure your application to accept and process our webhook payload format to receive results from Datamolino.

  • If you are our API user (in this case, webhooks should be on your roadmap because our polling flow will be soon deprecated).

How to set up webhooks in Datamolino?

Please note your account role needs to be at least MANAGER or OWNER in order to create webhooks in Datamolino.

You will need to go into your 'Account Management' where you can find a tab for Webhooks.

Simply click 'Create webhook' and continue by filling out the necessary details:

  • Endpoint URL - This is where Datamolino will send information.

  • Authorization Basic Auth (this is additional security that allows you to secure the webhook)

    • User name

    • Password

Each webhook consists of metadata and actual document payload:

  • Metada contains information about the event type (e.g. extraction finished, extraction failed) while payload contains document data.

New functionality added in June, 2021:

Initiate a webhook callback manually from the document detail or document list.

If you are looking for more technical details, please go to our developer.datamolino.com page.

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