You'll be happy to know that we made all sorts of improvements and updates in Datamolino over the last couple of weeks including a number of NEW features.

Here is a summary of what has been launched:

Invoice Archive

There is now a NEW feature to Archive your files in Datamolino. This will help you to keep old transactions out of your way while having them securely archived in another tab available within your folder. 

Helpdesk article available HERE.

Pop Out Invoice

You can find this new feature in the Invoice view detail. Click on the new button called 'Pop out' and Datamolino opens an invoice image in a separate window. This really helps if you need to review multiple line items or review additional invoice details.

Helpdesk article available HERE.

NEW automation settings for XERO contacts

There are now more default settings available for your Xero contacts that can be preset on a PER FOLDER basis! This means better automation scenarios for your folders, especially when you use our multiple folder structure.

New settings are part of the supplier automation dashboard and here are the options:

This is quite a big change, so please make sure you check out our Helpdesk article explaining how you can benefit from using this feature.


In Datamolino, there is now an easy way to add all important details including financial and contact information about your contacts via Datamolino. This can be really helpful in case you have a new supplier and need to fill out all details in your accounting system. 

Helpdesk article  available HERE.


We've redesigned our 'Folder settings' so that it is more intuitive to use this dashboard and move between these settings. Rather than scrolling up and down all the time, you can now easily switch between the tabs.

Helpdesk article available HERE


Plus, a few more smaller improvements:

  • Auto-save option -> All manual changes saved automatically before you gets logged out from the system (not needed)

  • Approval structure -> Improved navigation between documents in the ‘Awaiting approval tab’. After approving the documents, you can now easily switch to the ‘Next/Previous’ documents.

  • Improved spam protection filter -> Added an extra security layer to protect your Datamolino folder from unwanted emails (e.g. spoofed emails).

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