Users have asked for a feature that would allow them to clear away files that they are not actively working with.  (for example files that have been exported but are from a previous  period that has been closed) 

Introducing: Invoice Archive

There is now an option to Archive files. This will help you to keep old transactions out of your way. 

When you select documents, you can choose if you wish to Archive or Delete these documents.
The Archive option moves them safely to the Archive tab in your folder. The Delete option move the files to Trash where they will be permanently deleted after a 45 days safety period. (First deletions will start on February 1st, 2020).


Until now, the Trash was persistent. Anything sent to Trash was kept there and there was no way to permanently delete. This will change and Datamolino will start to erase the content of the trash after a safety period of 45 days. (i.e. if you delete something it can be recovered within 45 days)

If you want to keep the files that you sent to TRASH, there is now an option to mass archive your documents.  If you are not sure how to perform this action, please talk to our support staff and we will help you convert these files to Archive. 

A little history

Previously we treated the "All Files" tab in your folder as place where you could find everything that has not been sent to Trash. 

We have noticed that some users wanted to clear away documents they no longer actively use and have started to use the Trash as a form of archive. This is not optimal because in Trash you loose sigh of the "last state" of the document. Also, this type of usage mixed deleted documents with documents users did not wish to have in their "All Files" tab but did want to keep in Datamolino. 

Now you can send documents to the Invoice Archive tab to have them safely stored and out of your way. And delete documents that you have no use for.

Release date: December 11, 2019

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