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3-08 Mass edit settings for Xero contacts
3-08 Mass edit settings for Xero contacts

Automation settings for Xero contacts

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This feature allows for more automation scenarios which means less time spent on coding your invoices.

Mass edit allows you to edit your Supplier Automation settings in bulk for all Xero contacts. This was previously part of Folder settings dashboard. The new version offers a wider range of default settings you can choose from on a folder level.

WHEN to use this feature?

  • If you're setting up a new client on Datamolino and want to set defaults for all existing contacts, e.g. change approval status, tracking category or other coding for this folder. 

  •  If you use multiple folder structure for one company, usually each folder requires different coding based on a project/location/company branch the folder represents.

WHERE to find it?

Open Supplier Automation:


Change settings you wish to apply as defaults.

Choose 'Keep settings' for parameters that you DO NOT wish to edit.

Select 'Clear settings' for parameters which should be reset to blank on all contacts.

NOTE: This is one-off action and updates only the existing contacts in Datamolino.

If you want to preset default coding for any new contacts added through Datamolino, please set up the 'DEFAULT SETTINGS'. 

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