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3-07 Automation settings for Xero contacts
3-07 Automation settings for Xero contacts

Mass edit, default settings, refresh supplier list

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You can now preset more default settings for your Xero contacts on a PER FOLDER basis!

This works great if you want to set up default coding on a folder level, for example use the same tracking category, approval status or other coding across all your invoices in one folder. When using our multiple folder structure,  you can set up different defaults for each folder. 

This means less manual work with coding your documents, the defaults are applied across all your invoices in each folder and any exceptions can be handled manually in Invoice detail. 

The new added settings on a folder level are: Ledger account, Tax code, Tracking category, Due date, Currency, View detail.  


These automation settings can be found in the 'Supplier Automation' dashboard:

Then :

  • Mass edit - updates coding for all existing contacts.

  • Default settings - updates coding for all new contacts created. 

  • Refresh supplier list - updates the list of your contacts from Xero (adds or remove contacts based on changes in Xero).

  • Download supplier settings - downloads contact settings from Xero (override all settings in Datamolino), recommended for new folders.

NOTE: Given the fact this feature is relevant only for Xero users and affects the Xero contacts, we decided to move it from the Folder settings to Supplier Automation dashboard which is available when Xero is connected. 

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