In the last few weeks, we were quite busy with new releases! 

We've launched two NEW features of Datamolino (Approval structure and 2FA ) and introduced some more improvements. Here is a quick summary of what is NEW in Datamolino:

Approval Structure

Datamolino now offers an optional Approval workflow which which allows your team members and clients to approve, reject and export documents within Datamolino. To learn more about how you can benefit from using this feature, pleas check here:

Videos: for accounting firms & businesses
Helpdesk article here

2FA (Two-factor authentication)

This feature represents more security for your Datamolino account! It provides an extra layer of protection when logging into your Datamolino app. For more details on how to make your account more secure, click here.


If you email a PDF containing 2 pages where each page represents one invoice, please write @split in the subject line of the email. Following our statistics, most PDFs with 2 pages only represent 1 invoice with support documentation. This change smooths the processing and makes it quicker.

CIS for Xero

If you are using Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) in Xero, the CIS ledger codes are now available in Datamolino and pushed automatically from your Xero organisation. You can now select them in the ledger code dropdown in Datamolino.

 Xero supplier contact settings

  1. Bulk download

  • When a new folder in Datamolino is connected to Xero first time, the supplier contact settings are downloaded automatically from Xero (you may find them in the Supplier automation dashboard). 

  • Download supplier settings on your own - please note this will replace all settings set up manually in Datamolino, so we recommend to use it only when starting with a new folder  (e.i. if settings for a certain supplier are empty in Xero and you set up coding manually in Datamolino, after clicking this option coding in Datamolino will be replaced by empty coding from Xero).

2. Refresh supplier list from Xero
This will updates the list of contacts based on the changes in Xero (adds or remove contacts from the list).

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