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NEW - Export checksum validation for line items and tax summary
NEW - Export checksum validation for line items and tax summary
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There is a new feature in Datamolino that will prevent your invoices from exporting when the checksum of 'Line items' or 'Tax summary' does not match 'Invoice Total'.

Until now, Datamolino gave you the below (often overlooked) notification and it was still possible to have this document exported. Now you will get the export error message. Please read on for more details.

With introducing this feature we wanted to make you more comfortable with exporting your data to Xero and encourage you to automate your flow even more without concerns of having any errors in your accounting.

This also comes in line with our 'Auto-export' function and if you do not utilise it yet, please check it out too.

This is how it works

  • When you now try to export your invoice with Line items (or Tax summary), Datamolino will first try to match the checksum with Invoice Total*.

  • If the amounts match, the document will be successfully exported.

  • If the amounts do not match, you will get the below error message. The same applies for Auto-export which won’t be successful under this scenario.

*Note: If exporting line items or tax summary, Datamolino only exports NET or TOTAL amounts (not both) to Xero, only the ones in bold. With the new validation in place, Datamolino only compares the figures that are being exported. If exporting NET for line items ( would be in bold), Datamolino will compare it with NET in Invoice Total. The same applies when exporting TOTALs. Read more on how we export amounts.

How can I resolve this export error?

  • Please double check if the line items amounts (or tax summary) are correct. You can correct the amounts manually and export again.

  • If the amounts are correct and you wish to export it, please amend the Invoice Total amount so it matches line items checksum (or Tax summary). You only need to amend NET or TOTAL depending on what is exported from line items (or tax summary). We export only amounts in bold.

  • If you wish to turn off this validation, you can do it inside the document view by clicking here:

and then switch 'Off' and 'Save changes'

You can also turn off the checksum validation for specific suppliers in the 'Supplier Automation'.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this feature or anything else. We are always happy to help you!

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