If you need to review supplier automation settings in bulk, you can now generate a report into excel that shows you all settings saved per supplier in your Datamolino folder.

You can generate the report for each folder inside the 'Supplier automation'.

The report shows you the default settings saved for each supplier:

  • Supplier name

  • Export destination

  • Approval status

  • Auto Export

  • Ledger account

  • Tax code

  • Bank Account (if you export your file as bank transaction)

  • Bank Transaction type (if you export your file as bank transaction)

  • Tax export settings - Let Xero calculate or Send exact tax amount

  • Tracking

  • Due date day

  • Due date type - click here to see the options

  • Currency

  • View details - Invoice Total, Tax summary, Line items

  • Description

Here is a snapshot of how the report can look like:

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