We are happy to announce our new features in Datamolino. All of them were made in large part thanks to your suggestions, so thank you for your valuable feedback!

Here is a quick rundown:

Single Sign on

If you're using the same email address to login to Xero as in Datamolino, you can now use Xero's Single Sign on button to get in to Datamolino without entering the details.

All our QuickBooks Online users can use the 'Intuit Sign in'.

If you keep using the password login, we strongly encourage to use two factor authentication to secure your account. You can choose to remember your device which simplifies logins on the same computer. Use this option only if you do not share your computer with others.

Pagination - A longer transaction list

If you prefer to see more transactions per page in your folder, you can now choose between 50/100/200 transactions.


Thanks to this little change, it is now easier to spot which folders use the Approval add-on. Now you can see a badge your folder:

Purchase History Report

In addition to the Actionable items report that we added last month, you can now generate history of all your transactions imported into Datamolino in the last 30/60/90 days across one or multiple folders. This report shows you the status and basic details of all purchases uploaded in the past days.

This can be useful in situation when you need to search for the document across different folders or you just want to run a deeper analysis on the imported transactions. Learn more about this report HERE.

New document types - Invoice statement & Purchase order

In the document detail we are now showing two new document types:

  • Invoice statement

  • Purchase order

For our Xero and QuickBooks Online users these can still be exported as Bills or Invoices. In the future we may add additional possibilities for these document types.

At this time you can use Search to filter based on document type.

At this time this features is mostly aimed at our API clients where we use it to categorise different document types. If you are sending documents that you wish to capture as Invoice Statement or Purchase order and we capture them as Invoice, please use the "Repair" functionality to notify us so we can re-train the system.

.....if you prefer personal walkthrough, just let us know on our support chat and we're happy to show you the features around in Datamolino!

... or, if you want to see more latest features, feel free to check out:

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