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Datamolino release notes 15.13 (December 17th, 2015)
Datamolino release notes 15.13 (December 17th, 2015)
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Just in time for Christmas we have made these improvements to Datamolino:

Easier export to Bills and Bank transactions (Xero only)

In the last Datamolino release we have connected Datamolino to the Xero Bank Transactions. You can choose the default export destination in your Folder Settings. Now you can choose the export destination for each document independently. If you want some bills to be sent to Xero as bank transactions, you can easily do this. Give it a try!

Export bills as Awaiting Approval / Payment (Xero only)

If you export your documents to as Purchase Bills or Sales invoices, now in addition to sending them to Xero as Drafts, you can send them as "Awaiting Approval" or "Awaiting Payment". You can set this up in the Folder Settings.

Please note, that if you export and invoice with the status "Awaiting Payment" you cannot re-export it from Datamolino to Xero. We currently do not modify the data of the invoice if it has the status "Awaiting Payment".

Switch document type from Purchase to Sales (if you imported in the wrong subfolder)

Do you process Sales Invoices with Datamolino? Now, if you have accidentally uploaded your documents to the wrong subfolder, you can easily move documents between the Purchase Invoices and Sales Invoices within the same Datamolino folder. Have a look.

December 17th, 2015

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