Update: As of 31 March 2022, two-factor authentication is required when logging into Datamolino.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two factor authentication (2FA) is an effective security feature aimed to protect access to your online account. In addition to entering your password (which alone can be vulnerable), you submit one time code generated by authentication app on your mobile. This adds an extra layer of security as the bad actor would need to have both, password and your mobile.

Why is 2FA mandatory?

Until March 2022, Datamolino offered 2FA as an optional feature (except for Australian users where 2FA became mandatory already in 2020).

As the cyber threats including phishing and other scam tactics aiming to access sensitive data is on a rise, we want to make sure your account is protected by the best industry standards. That is why we decided to go beyond the password and secure your account with a required 2FA login method.

How to enable two-factor authentication in Datamolino?

  1. Download and install an authenticator app on your mobile phone or desktop. We recommend any of the following apps:
    Google Authenticator (Android, iOS)
    Twilio Authy (Android, iOS, desktop version)
    Microsoft Authenticator (Android, iOS)
    In case you already use authenticator app, skip to step 2.

  2. Open the authenticator app and select "Add account" or "+" sign.

  3. In Datamolino, go to User profile - Security and click on Enable 2FA.

  4. A new window will open up that will guide you through the activation.

    Scan the QR code that will appear using your authenticator app.
    (For Twilio Authy desktop version, type in the text code shown underneath the QR code).

  5. In the same Datamolino window, enter your Datamolino password and 6 digit code as shown in your authenticator app.

  6. Click on Verify code.

  7. IMPORTANT: Save the provided backup codes so you can recover your account in case your 2FA device will become unavailable in the future. These three unique backup codes will only be generated and displayed once.

    You will need these codes in case you will no longer have access to your mobile device with the authenticator app. Entering backup code is the only way how to log in to your Datamolino account again. Please make sure that you store this backup code in a secure way.

Great, your two-factor authentication setup is now completed! From now on when logging into your account, you will be required to enter your
1) email with password and
2) verification code generated by your authenticator application.

TIP: You can tick to "Trust this device for 29 days" when you enter the verification code to simplify the process. You will be asked to enter new 6 digit code after 29 days. Please do not use this option if you share computer with others.

How does the authenticator app work?

Authenticator is a third party app to generate unique codes. Even though you will use it to log in into Datamolino, app doesn't connect directly to your Datamolino account and there is no transfer of data between them.

  • The app automatically generates new codes and doesn’t need a network connection or mobile signal to do this.

  • Datamolino generates the same codes, so when you enter the code from your app, it matches Datamolino, verifying it is you logging in. Both codes are generated using the same secret key that is unique to you.

The codes are time-based, so make sure the time on your authenticator device is in sync with Datamolino. Let your network provider set the time automatically on your device to prevent getting an out-of-sync or invalid code error.

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