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Multiple folders to one Xero/QuickBooks company
Multiple folders to one Xero/QuickBooks company

Datamolino's unique feature

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Recommended for retail companies, restaurant chains, construction companies or any companies with multiple locations, projects or users. You can organise your documents into multiple folders according to your own preferences.

HOW it works in Datamolino?

  • With most solutions, only one folder per organisation is available not allowing you to preset different automation rules for the same supplier. One supplier means only one set of rules.

  • In Datamolino, each folder has its own supplier rules remembered.

WHAT it does?

Multiple folder structure separates invoices to individual folders based on different location/project/users.


  1. More automation in your workflow.

  2. Default tracking category per supplier per location/project means less steps when coding your bills, especially when having multi-line bill.

  3. Defined access privileges per folder - only invited users can access the folder.

  4. Clear structure and more visibility to your transactions.


Let's use an example of having a restaurant chain with 3 different locations. The company wants to keep track of their invoices separately and because of that starts using tracking categories in Xero.

This is how the structure can be set up in Datamolino:

  • Each location = 1 folder in Datamolino, unique email address for uploading, different access privileges, different tracking categories set up.

  • All folders (locations) are connected to the same Xero company.

Question: Can I preset different automation rules for the same supplier?

  • Yes, this is possible in Datamolino!

  • Supplier coding in each folder is unique and is not dependant on other folders. This is how you can set it up (only for Xero users).

  • In every folder a different tracking category gets automatically pre-filled -> less steps in your workflow!

  • Imagine the difference in process when you have to run this exercise for invoices with the line items!

  • In addition, access to each folder is limited to those users who are responsible for the specific location.

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