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Apart from the web upload, Datamolino also supports the upload via email. Each Folder in Datamolino is assigned a unique email address. If you send an email to this address, its attachments will be automatically processed as Purchase Invoices. As well, you can ask your suppliers to email you invoices and provide the address as a copy. You can change this address in "Folder Settings".

To send Sales Invoices you can use the same email address if you add @sales into the subject line of the email message containing the sales invoices.

You can find the email address below the folder name in the My Folders Dashboard.


If you receive an email from an unknown email address, it ends up in a quarantine. This protects you from unwanted emails.

If an email ends up in quarantine, you will see an envelope icon in your My Folders dashboard:

You must approve the email - Datamolino will start processing the invoices, only after you approve the email.

To approve an email, go to your Folder inbox and click on the email:

All you need to do is click:

  • Process emails always - to add the sender to the whitelist, or

  • Process email once - to process the email only this time, or

  • Delete - to delete the email.

Please note:  By default Datamolino processes the email attachments as "Purchase invoices". If you wish to send "Sales Invoices" include @sales in the subject line of the email.


In the Folder settings, you can change the email address used to upload Purchase invoices. You can also edit the whitelisted addresses.

1. Access Folder setting

2. Choose the email address you want to use.

Please note, that any time you send your documents from a new email address it will be automatically redirected to "quarantine" and wait for your verification. To enable the email addresses, you wish you send your documents from, insert them in the "email whitelist". The documents sent from these emails will be then processed automatically. Emails from other senders must be approved in order to be processed.

If you have any questions, please write to

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