The 'Supplier Automation' dashboard allows you to change the default invoice coding per Supplier or per Folder. It also allows you to export specific Supplier invoices into Xero automatically when you turn on the 'Auto-Export' feature.

Scroll down to learn about:

  • Supplier Automation - setting default coding for each supplier or for the entire folder

  • Auto-Export - automatically publish items into Xero as they become ready to export

This is how you can access 'Supplier Automation' dashboard:

  1. Use the submenu accessible by clicking on the Folder name on the right of the top navigation bar, or

  2. There is also a 'Supplier Automation' button located in the Folder View and the Invoice Detail View, both allow you to access the dashboard.

Inside an invoice, click the below option to review the automation settings for the specific supplier (no need to go all the way to the Supplier Automation dashboard):

How does Supplier Automation work?

When you first export any invoice into Xero, Datamolino remembers the 'coding' of your invoice:

  • ledger account / tax code / tracking categories

  • export destination (Bills / Bank transactions / Expenses)

When you start using Datamolino, you do not have to worry about setting up anything if you do not want to. Datamolino just remembers your export settings as you go along. You can control these defaults in the Supplier Automation dashboard, where you can adjust all export settings per supplier and setup Auto-Export.

In addition to setting the 'default coding' for each supplier, you can also:

Auto-Export in action

Once you check the 'Auto-Export' option in the supplier tab, all invoices from the selected Supplier will get automatically exported to your Xero organisation as they become ready to export. No buttons to push, they just appear in Xero. Use this feature only with suppliers where you are certain that their documents come in good quality to minimise any OCR errors in your Xero data. Files that Datamolino flags as possible duplicates are not automatically exported into Xero.

How do I know which items have been exported automatically?

Items that have been exported manually will have a green Xero label, items that have been exported automatically have a light blue Xero label.

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