Once your documents are uploaded, they show up in your folder with status 'processing’ or ‘fingerprinting'. During this phase, Datamolino tries to match the document against our database.

Processing times, what can you expect?

  • If you upload new invoices that we need to learn, please expect your documents being ready within 1 business day. Our trained operators need to create a layout for this document.

  • If there is a "fingerprint match", the document is processed automatically without human interaction in Datamolino. This means that the data extraction takes only moments.

Our Tip: Upload your documents as they come and avoid waiting for invoices to be processed. This way your documents become ready before you need to export them. 

What to do with ready documents?

  1. Open your Datamolino folder

  2. Click your invoice and review extracted data showing on the left side of the screen

  3. Assign the contact, ledger account, tax code and tracking category (if used in Xero).
    If a contact doesn't exist yet, you can create a new one directly from Datamolino by clicking 'Add Contact' next to the "Xero contact".

New document detail sections:

Please note: The Supplier section opens automatically when the invoice supplier is not paired with your accounting package..

The Supplier and Invoice sections remember their state. So if you keep them open when you go to the next document they will show up as open.

Datamolino learns combinations and suggests them automatically next time you import invoices from the same supplier. This means that the “hard work” of coding only happens for the first invoice from a supplier. For the next export, you just review the settings and adjust only when necessary.

Our tip: Use the 'Supplier Automation' dashboard to achieve additional automation level.  This dashboard allows you to change default invoice coding, approval status and other settings for each supplier. You can also turn on the Auto-Export for selected suppliers and all invoices get automatically exported to Xero once they become ready in Datamolino. We recommend using this feature for suppliers with digital PDFs or good quality scans which give you high accuracy rate.

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