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Automation settings: Speed up invoice coding and exporting
Automation settings: Speed up invoice coding and exporting

A simple and practical way to manage invoice processing for both suppliers and customers.

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Manually coding each invoice can be time-consuming. Datamolino's 'Automation settings' simplify this process.

  • It allows you to customise default invoice coding for each supplier/customer or an entire folder - saving time and ensuring consistency in your invoice management process.

  • It offers Auto-Export functionality - automating the publishing of invoices into QuickBooks Online, avoiding manual exports and streamlining your workflow.

Accessing the Automation settings

Automation settings are distinct for 'Purchases' and 'Sales':

  • Purchases = Supplier Automation

  • Sales = Customer Automation

Make sure you are in the right section in order to access the right contacts.

Here's how you can access it:

πŸ‘‰ Through the Folder submenu

  • Review and modify settings for each supplier, and customer or change them in bulk for all at once.

πŸ‘‰ Inside an invoice

  • Review the automation settings for a specific supplier/customer without leaving the invoice view.

Automate invoice coding

How it works?

With Datamolino, there's no upfront setup needed.

When you first code an invoice in Datamolino, the system automatically remembers these settings for future use – including ledger account, tax code and tracking categories.

What if you want to adjust these preferences?

No problem. You have complete control over these default settings in the Automation πŸ‘‡

What more can I do with Automation?

  1. Turn on Auto-Export for automatic exporting

  2. Change settings for all suppliers or customers in bulk with 'Mass edit'

  3. Change settings for all new suppliers or customers with 'Default settings'

Want to learn more?

Check out our article on Auto-Export to further streamline your workflow with automated exporting πŸ‘‰ click here to open the article.

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