• Suppliers to email invoices directly into your folder - Ask your suppliers to use Datamolino folder email address to submit their documents, preferably in digital format. This will eliminate a step in your workflow and save some additional time. 

  • Submitting documents on a regular basis - This way you can minimise spikes, so everything is sitting ready by the time you need to export your documents. No need for sitting around and waiting for invoices to be processed.

  • Scan quality - Recommended office scanner settings are 300dpi, black and white. If possible, please avoid any handwritten notes, marks or highlights on documents. 

  • Supported document formats - PDF (electronic works best), TIFF, JPG, PNG, ZIP, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX and you can also send emails with embedded HTML receipts

  • Batch scanning - You can easily scan multiple invoices in a single PDF instead of scanning documents one by one. This works for both multi-page and single page documents. The only thing to have in mind here is to keep the number of pages in a single PDF below 50. 

  • Inviting other users - Administrators are able to invite and remove users and work with folder settings (when you click the folder name in the upper right corner). You can control the access to your folder in the Folder Settings. "Users" will be able to import and export data only.

  • Email whitelist - The list of approved email addresses can be pre-filled in your Folder Settings. This way you can determine which email addresses to trust even before any documents are submitted from them. To access the 'Folder settings', click the folder name in the upper right corner.

  • Search and filter - Use the search in the top bar to find invoices. The search can find indexed keywords, such as supplier names or invoice number. You can also use it to filter by dates or by invoiced amounts.

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