The final step to send your data to Xero is to click the 'Export to Xero' button. There are two export methods:

Individual export

You can review invoices one by one and export as you go. 

When it should be used? This is preferable if you are not confident about invoice quality which could cause OCR based errors. 

How does it work? By clicking the “Export to Xero (and go to the next doc)” the invoice is exported and the next document in line will be shown for review. 

Batch export

You can export up to 50 invoices at once. 

When it should be used? This is a good choice if you know the extracted data is correct and do not need to adjust the figures or invoice descriptions. This export method is usually preferable for supplier invoices that have been uploaded as digital PDFs or where the scan quality reliably gives good results.

How does it work? From the invoice list in the folder, just select all invoices you want to export. You can export up to 50 documents per one batch. When you click “Export to Xero” an export pop-up window will appear that will let you adjust the coding for each invoice and export multiple invoices at once.
Once you coded everything, scroll down and click on the Export button.

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