The final step to sending your data to Xero is clicking the 'Export' button. There are two export options available:

Individual export

You can review invoices one by one and export as you go. 

When it should be used? This option is recommended when you want to review invoices one by one in detail. For example, when you receive invoices from a new supplier or if you do not feel confident about invoice quality which could cause OCR-based errors. 

How does it work? By clicking the 'Export & Next' button, the invoice is exported and the next document in line will be shown for review. 

Bulk export

When it should be used? Exporting multiple invoices at once can be a major time saver. This is a good choice if you do not need to adjust the figures or invoice descriptions. Feel free to use it in one of the below scenarios:

  • Quickly review and export regular supplier invoices in one go.

  • Do bulk edit of multiple invoices at once - you can change ledger code, tax code or tracking categories for multiple invoices to the same values at once.

  • Easily code your one-off supplier invoices - you can either quickly assign an existing contact or create a new one without a need to go into the document detail.

How does it work? You can export all ready-to-export invoices by clicking 'Export to Xero' inside the folder. If you want to export only selected invoices, tick the box next to the invoices you want to export and click 'Export to Xero'. You will be redirected to the Bulk Export screen where you can easily review and adjust coding in bulk if needed. To learn more about this feature, check this article.

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