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What are Folders and how do I use them?
What are Folders and how do I use them?
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Create a Folder for each of the companies that you manage. For companies with multiple departments or locations, consider creating a folder for each department or location. This can help you to keep the data collection separate, if each department/location has a different person responsible for the document collection. 

Each folder has a dedicated email address for imports (hover your mouse over the folder name to see the email address). 

You can also invite users to share and collaborate on the Folder with you.


To create a Folder, just click on the button “ Add Folder” in your "My Folders" dashboard that appears when you log in.

After you create the folder, you will be guided through the connection to your accounting software. 

If you skip this step or your folder gets disconnected from your accounting software, click on "Connect Folder" in the My Folders dashboard.


You can invite users from within the My Folders dashboard, from within the Folder Menu or in the Folder settings. Just type in the email address and click " Invite". You can also invite multiple users at once, just enter multiple emails separated by a comma.

Invite a user to multiple folders at once

Click on "Invite users to folders"

On the following screen, just select the folders, choose a role and click "Invite user"

Datamolino currently supports the following user roles in Folders:

Owner - is the person who has created the Folders. This role is not transferable to other users. The Owner of the Folder pays for the transactions that are incurred in the folder by other users.

Administrator - can do all actions within a Folder and can invite other users.

User - can do all actions within a Folder. A User can not invite other users or remove other users from the Folder.

Who pays for the transactions incurred in the Folder?

  • All transactions that happen in a Folder are charged to the Owner of the Folder (i.e. the user that has originally created the Folder). The ownership of the Folder cannot be transferred.

  • You do not have to pay for a user plan to be invited to a Folder.

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