How to start adding your clients? 

Folders in Datamolino represent your clients. Before you start creating folders under your company plan, please make sure that you understand the structure you want to create. We recommend the following steps:

  1. Agree on your structure internally.

Prior to creating folders, it's important to realise who will be covering the following roles in Datamolino: 

  • Master account (Owner of Datamolino account) -  This person should have access to all folders created under a company plan and can monitor how many new folders/clients are added. We recommend to appoint a manager responsible for Datamolino account or create a dedicated email address for registering your Datamolino account. This person should be invited to all folders created by their colleagues so they can have a master list of folders.

  • Team Leader - In charge of creating folders for clients they are responsible for. Each team leader is responsible for access privileges of their team members and invite them to respective client's folders. 

  • Team members - It's good practice that team members do not create new folders on their own. They work with folders they are able to see in their dashboard based on the invitation from their team leader. 

2. Ask team leaders to create folders and grant access privileges.

Every time a new folder is created, team leader needs to invite a master account and dedicated team members. This way, team members can see only clients they need to work on and the master list of all clients is up to date and available to the owner. 

What folder roles are currently available in Datamolino? 

  • Admin - all functionalities are available - suitable for Owners and Team leaders

  • User - cannot invite others and cannot change anything in folder settings - suitable for Team members

Having the structure in place ensures that each employee can see only those client folders they are in charge of. However, if you're not sure and need our help, please talk to us. No question is too small for our team, so please use our chat support (bottom right corner) or call us. We would be happy to help!

Note: We're working on simplifying the structure to improve your experience when on-boarding new clients on to Datamolino. We hope to have it ready soon. 

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