There are two sets of roles in Datamolino:

  • Account Roles (NEW) - Owner / Manager / Member. These can be managed on a company/subscription level and refer to the ability to see billing details, the creation of new folders and seeing existing users within an account. 

  • Folder roles - These are specific for each folder. It means that one person can have different privileges (Admin/User) across folders.


These roles can be managed via the 'Account Management' tab which is available for Owners and Managers. By default, all people invited to Datamolino are added as 'Members' but their role can be upgraded to Manager. Account roles apply to your whole Datamolino subscription.

What are the privileges of each role? 

Important note: The manager role represents a deputy role with all privileges similar to the owner role except for having access to billing details. It means the manager can invite/remove users from the company account and access all folders created under this account (even if the folders are not visible in his main dashboard).

How the roles should be spread across the company?

  • Owner - This is the user that created the account and is managing the whole subscription including billing. This is usually the most senior person in charge of Datamolino within the company (Managing Director/Senior Manager/Department Manager/Integration Manager). This person receives invoices for Datamolino services and can upgrade/downgrade the subscription.

  • Manager - This person can add new folders (clients), manage users and their account roles, and access all folders created under the company subscription. This is usually the Senior manager or Team leader responsible for running teams, onboarding clients, and assigning clients across the teams. 

  • Member - Typical example would be a client or team member. Members do not have access to the 'Account Management' tab, so they cannot create new folders, neither see other users within the account. They can only manage settings and users within the folders they have been invited to.

If you want to grant someone Manager access rights, you can do so by clicking 'Account Management' -> 'Users' -> and selecting a specific person. Here are some screenshots on how this can be done.


  • Folder roles refer to a user's role and rights within a particular folder. 

  • The main difference is that a User cannot invite other people to a specific folder and cannot update folder settings. 

  • Folder roles can be selected when you invite someone to a folder.

 Here is a quick breakdown of the privileges for each role:

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