This is a quick summary of the latest improvements and changes in Datamolino. Last month, we started working on redesign of the main dashboard. Plus, we introduced webhooks that enable connecting Datamolino with other web applications. Read on for more details.

New filters - Great for users with multiple folders

You can now easily see which folders require your attention by using the following filters: Ready to export documents, Needs review (duplicates and error messages), Stopped emails (documents waiting in spam filter). The filtered list gets remembered and becomes shorter as the documents get resolved.

Actionable tabs in the folder list

This is a shortcut to get to the 'unresolved documents' from the main dashboard. By clicking the green tab, you will get straight to ‘ready to export’ documents. Blue tab is for duplicates and not extracted files and red is for documents with export errors.


In addition to using Datamolino with Xero and QuickBooks, it is possible to integrate our service with other applications by using webhooks.

Webhooks are automated messages sent from apps when something happens. In this case, we send the extracted data to another app using a webhook.

You can use webhooks to connect with various software using no-code automation platforms such as Zapier or Integromat (our team can help with the setup, feel free to reach out)

It is also possible to integrate webhooks with various modern software such as stock management apps or different ERP systems or expense tracking software.

If you prefer a personal walkthrough, just let us know and we're happy to show you the features around in Datamolino!

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