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1-05 Export data as Bank Transactions (great for Xero Cashbook)
1-05 Export data as Bank Transactions (great for Xero Cashbook)
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In Datamolino, you can export bills into Xero's Bank Accounts. This allows you to bypass the Accounts Payables and instead immediately create a spend money transaction in Bank Accounts.

This workaround works great for receipts that have been already paid by cash or credit card. This way you can post them directly as a spend money transaction and choose the correct ‘Bank Account’.

Choose which Suppliers are sent to Bank Transactions

In the Supplier Automation dashboard you can set which supplier invoices should be sent to the Bank Transactions endpoint in Xero.

Export individual item into Bank Transactions

In the document detail - Supplier Section, you can choose the Export destination individually.

How to set the whole Folder to export into Bank Transactions?

You can set the whole Folder to export data into Xero Bank Transactions by changing the export destination for all suppliers in bulk. Xero Cashbook users should choose this option. 

You can perform this action in the supplier automation as follows:

  1. Mass edit - updates settings for all existing suppliers

  2. Default settings - updates settings for all new suppliers created through Datamolino

...if you want to learn more about these automation settings, click here.

Bank Transactions exports behave the same as Bill exports, you can read more about exports here: Export data as Purchase Bills (or Sales invoices).

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