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Better visibility for your folders
Better visibility for your folders

The new MyFolders dashboard makes your life easier!

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The My Folders dashboard is the first page that greets you when you open Datamolino. It was a bit bare bones and it did the job. We realised that it was a bit old in the tooth (the oldest part of our interface). We have looked at how users are using Datamolino and what type of metrics they would like to see. 

There are many metrics to choose from. But in the end, you want to get those documents processed and exported into your accounting software. You don't need a ton of metrics to do this. That is why we have chosen two metrics that our users told us are the most important to them. These metrics are actionable and help you to get the job done.

New metrics on the My Folders dashboard

Most recent document - this is the "issue date" of the latest document in your folder. This gives you a hint about how many days of documents may be missing in the Folder. If the date starts turning red, you may need to chase your client to submit his paperwork to you. Ideally, you want to have the bills in Datamolino as soon as possible, so they are ready for you when you need to process them into your accounting software.

Age of items waiting for export - this is the "age of your inbox". It is calculated based on the issue date of your oldest document that is ready for export into your accounting software. This tells you how many documents you are missing in your accounting software. It is best to keep this number low. It helps you to keep your books up to date. 


We also introduced new sorting of the documents to give you better visibility into which folders need your attention. You can now sort as follows:

From A to Z - just regular alphabetical sorting :)

Waiting for export - this tells you which folders have documents ready to be processed into your accounting software

Most recent document - this tells you which folders may be missing documents from your clients based on the issue date of the latest document in the folder

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