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We've improved the process how we match invoices to existing supplier and customer contacts in Datamolino.

Here are the rules Datamolino follows when matching invoices to folder contacts:

  1. Company ID match: If Company ID is found on the invoice the invoice is matched to the contact with the same Company ID in the folder.

  2. Company ID + Name match: If for some reason there are multiple contacts with the same Company ID but have different names, we try to match 'Company ID + Name' combination. (it is a good idea to "merge" duplicate contacts with the merge function)

  3. VAT ID match: If there is no Company ID captured on the invoice, Datamolino repeats steps. 1 and 2 and tries to match the contact using the VAT ID.

  4. Company Name match: If there are is no Company ID or VAT ID captured or matched, Datamolino matches the invoice to a contact using the name of the company (previously this was the default way of matching contacts).

  5. New contact is created: If Datamolino could not match the data found on invoice with an existing contact a new contact is created in Folder contacts.

For Xero and QuickBooks Online users these improvements will mean better syncing results with their accounting system. For all users this means a clean way of managing contacts and eliminating unnecessary duplication.

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