When emailing invoices to Datamolino, depending on the format of your documents, you may want to add the following text into the subject line of your email:

If you email a PDF with 2 pages, each page representing one invoice, please write '@split' in the subject line of the email. Following our statistics, most PDFs containing 2 pages represent only 1 invoice with second page being support documentation or blank page. Having this rule in place makes the processing smoother, quicker and more accurate. 

This works best with individual PDFs containing 1 multi-page invoice. For example, if you encountered a problem with incorrectly separated pages by Datamolino, using '@nosplit' is a way how to make sure all pages will be kept as one transaction the next time. 

If you email sales invoices to Datamolino, please add '@sales' into the subject line. Otherwise, the documents will be sent to 'purchases' subfolder automatically (this is a default destination). While you can still move documents between subfolders, not all data might be extracted correctly, hence we advise to use @sales when emailing or when using drag n drop, please make sure you're in the sales subfolder. 

For example, if you email sales invoices in a PDF with 2 pages, each representing a one invoice, you can use a combination of @sales @split in the subject line for your email.

In most cases, there is no need to use any of the above options because Datamolino will try to recognise single and multi-page documents automatically. 

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