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1-02 Upload documents to Datamolino (web, email or mobile app)
1-02 Upload documents to Datamolino (web, email or mobile app)
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Datamolino is the best way to import data into QuickBooks. No more toiling with manual data entry. We find the important bits of data, you review them and send to your QuickBooks company. Let's start with the upload.

1. Use the web application to upload documents

Inside the folder, you have all the purchase bills and cash receipts in one place, ready to work with. To import invoices, you can select files from your hard drive or use the folder email. To upload from the hard drive, just click the “Import files” button and follow instructions.

TIP: Once your documents have been uploaded you will be redirected to your import history where you can access details on all uploads. This dashboard provides data on how your files were sent (email, web our phone app), who sent them, as well as the original filenames and upload times. To get back to your folder just click here:

2. Email documents to your folders

Each folder has a unique email address that you can use to forward invoices that you receive in your mailbox. You can also set up your scanner to scan directly to your folder using the folder email address. 

This feature comes in handy if you have a scanner with a feeder. Datamolino can split multipage scans into individual transactions. You can just scan a batch of invoices, email it from the scanner to Datamolino and we do the rest.

3. Mobile app

Datamolino has mobile apps for both iPhone and Android. These are useful if you need to capture cash receipts on the go. For everything else, we recommend a scanner.

👉To learn how to set up the Datamolino mobile app, please check out this article.

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