When emailing documents into your folder, Datamolino processes them as purchases or sales following the default import destination. Unless you manually change it in the folder settings, Datamolino defaults to purchases.

When you need to override the folder defaults (for example due to the format/type of documents), you can add the following tags to the 'Email subject':

Works best for multipage PDFs containing 1 invoice.

For example, if you encountered that Datamolino incorrectly separated pages for a specific invoice, using '@nosplit' would be a way to keep all pages as one transaction

Works best for multipage PDFs containing multiple invoices.

If you email a PDF with 2 pages, each page being 1 invoice, please use '@split' in the subject line of the email. Following our statistics, most 2-page PDFs represent 1 invoice with the second page being support documentation or blank page. Having this rule in place makes the processing smoother, quicker and more accurate. 

@sales (when PURCHASES is your default setting)
When 'purchases' is your default setting but you want Datamolino to recognise also some sales invoices, email them with the tag '@sales'. Otherwise, the documents will end up in 'purchases' automatically. While you can still move documents between subfolders, not all data might be extracted correctly that's why we advise using this setting.

@purchases (when SALES is your default setting)

This setting works opposite to @sales. If your folder's default is sales and you need to upload purchase invoices, then use the tag @purchases to have your documents correctly captured and exported.


If you email two sales invoices in one PDF where each page represents one invoice, you can use a combination of @sales @split in the subject line for your email.

In most cases, there is no need to use any of the above options. Datamolino always tries to detect single and multi-page documents automatically based on the default folder settings.

Unless you change the settings, Datamolino uses PURCHASES and AUTOMATIC SPLITTING as the default setting in all folders.

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