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Contact form - Update all details about your contacts!
Contact form - Update all details about your contacts!

For Xero & QuickBooks users

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In Datamolino, there is now an easy way to add all important details including financial and contact data about your contacts.

This can be really helpful in case you have a new supplier and need to fill out all details in your accounting system. Please remember - when you do it via Datamolino, all details will be saved automatically in your Xero/QuickBooks Online too.

Click 'Add contact' for adding new contact information or 'Edit' to update existing contact details.

Having the contact form next to the invoice preview allows you to copy all details from the invoice easily.

Note: It works similarly for Xero and QuickBooks Online. The only difference is in the fields displayed in Datamolino that are specific for each accounting system.

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