This month we have released a couple of small improvements in Datamolino. Here is a quick rundown of these new updates:

  • We have harmonised date formats across Datamolino. This should make reading dates easier for everyone. The default is now DD Month YYYY and DD/MM/YYYY

  • For our US users, there is a new setting for US format, just click your name in the upper right corner -> User profile -> Language section. 

  • In document detail, we have improved the calculations used when manually entering data. Now when manually adding lines or editing invoices the system just needs 2 inputs and will recalculate the other data automatically. When you are editing you can use the “Tab” key to move between fields. 

  • Bulk download of supplier settings from Xero - If you have all your supplier coding already preset in Xero and you wish to see it in Datamolino, there is a quick way to do a BULK download for all suppliers at once (previously only downloading one by one was available).

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