When you become our partner, we believe it's important to support you on your journey - from the point when you create your account until your clients get full understanding of why and how they are using the system. For this reason, we created a 'Partner Guides' section where we explain and describe the ways HOW TO:

Manage your practice in Datamolino

  1. Set up your client folders in Datamolino

  2. Onboard your clients

  3. Onboard your new team member

Communicate Datamolino to your clients

  1. Key benefits of using Datamolino

  2. Quick overview of how Datamolino works

Start using Datamolino:

  1. Import your documents

  2. Review & Code your documents

  3. Export your documents

  4. Tips & best practices

Important note: If there is anything else that you need to help with, please reach out to us. We are happy to help! The quickest way is to start a conversation with us on our website, there is a nice little chat widget that you can use (right bottom corner). 


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