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Auto-Export: Simplify invoice exports
Auto-Export: Simplify invoice exports

Automatically Publish Invoices to QuickBooks Online

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With Auto-Export, invoices are automatically transferred to your QuickBooks Online company as soon as they're processed in Datamolino - cutting down steps in your workflow and freeing up more of your time.

We suggest using this feature when document quality is consistent to minimise the likelihood of OCR errors in your accounting.

Turn on Auto-Export

πŸ‘‰ Inside an invoice by clicking the slider

πŸ‘‰ Through 'Automation' button on the invoice

Auto-Export your supplier invoices

πŸ‘‰ Through Supplier/Customer Automation for multiple contacts

1. Navigate to the Automation dashboard.

2. Click on the contact you wish to turn Auto-Export for

3. Click on the slider and 'SAVE'

Auto-Export in action

Once you've enabled Auto-Export for specific contacts, Datamolino will automatically export any future invoices as soon as they're ready. Note, this doesn't affect already present invoices - they need to be exported manually.

πŸ’‘ Please note, files won't be auto-exported when:

  • they are flagged as potential duplicates

  • new documents that haven't been coded

Identifying automatically exported items

  • Items that have been exported automatically carry a light blue QuickBooks label.

  • Items that have been exported manually are marked with a green QuickBooks label.

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