Over the past few months we have made many under the hood upgrades of Datamolino. Now is the time when we finally get to give the UI a fresh look. The behind the scenes technology revamp and the new UI will allow us to bring more innovation in the coming months.

A fresh face

To kick things off, we wanted to freshen things up. It was time to modernize, make better use of space, and update the overall look. We incorporated a lot of user feedback during this change. And we will keep working on the UI to make it even better.

Here are a few before and after shots. In a few days you will experience the design changes in your own account. Our support team is ready to help if you need any help with the refreshed UI.



Document detail

Features that you should try

Automation settings in the Document Detail

The button for Supplier Automation settings has been just a mysterious icon for many users. Now it is a full fledged button with the space that it deserves. It is also easy to turn on auto export directly from the document detail.

Folder Filter

In addition to the Folder Switcher, you can now filter favorite folders in the dashboard as well. Just use the Folder Filter:

Document Filter

We have moved the invoice search from the navigation bar. You can now open the Filter widget when you need it by clicking on the Filter button.

New navigation bar with Folder Switcher

Now it should be easier to find the Folder Switcher even for novice users.

If you have any questions about the new design, our team is ready to help. Just use the chat and we will get back with answers. We also appreciate any advice that helps us improve Datamolino.

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