Yes, if you want to archive a large number of documents in your folder, it now only takes three clicks to accomplish this action:

  1. Go to the search bar and enter filter criteria**

  2. Submit

  3. Make sure you are located in the right tab (All files/Trash) and click 'Archive'

  4. When archiving a large number of documents, the process takes longer and Datamolino notifies you that the documents were enqueued for archiving. Please avoid clicking the 'Archive' option again until the initial process is completed.

**when converting all documents from TRASH to ARCHIVE, select a price range from 0 to 1000000000, or any large number


When archiving a large number of documents, the archiving process is performed in the background and can take several minutes. We recommend to do not use the folder until the process is completed. Once the process is finished, you can see the total number of files in the tab Archive.

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