We understand that convincing clients to start using a new system can be challenging sometimes. To help with this process, we've prepared a quick overview of the main benefits of using Datamolino.

What are the key reasons why we believe the companies should be using Datamolino? 

  1. No longer a need to manually type invoices into your accounting software which means a great time-saving benefit

  2. Instead of hours spent on retyping, you just spend a couple minutes on reviewing and approving your documents. There are 3 simple steps:  Upload, Review & code, Export

AND there are more reasons:

  • Work that matters - Datamolino allows you to spend more time on work that matters, e.g. spending more time acquiring new clients and growing or improving on other facets of the business.

  • More details about your transactions - Using Datamolino, you get more details about your invoices & receipts - item description extracted from all documents and line items were possible. 

  • Online archive - Having one place for all your documents, many clients use Datamolino as an online archive

  • Minimising spikes - If you're submitting documents on a regular basis, you have all your documents ready just in time when you need to process them.

  • Flexible folder structure - if you have a larger client who is running different projects/locations/departments, you can separate client's records by creating individual folders. This will allow the client separate records but at the same time ensure that all transactions will end up in the same accounting system. 

  • Collaboration of more users for no extra fee

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