This year we had a lot of bugfix releases that did not warrant a release notes article. Today we have done some further clean up and polishing to get ready for some bigger features.

Notable changes:

  • Datamolino now highlights the Ready to export, Please review and Export error tabs in the folder if there is a document that matches the filter criteria (green, orange, red) / this should help users navigating the app.

  • We have hidden the VAT ID field for cloud users (it is not used in exports to Xero or QuickBooks Online) and have narrowed the interface a bit so more data fits on the left side of the document detail screen. This should help users with smaller screens + only relevant data for export is shown.

  • Upgraded the technology of the dropdown boxes / there should be no change from user perspective, but there may be some bugs related to the change.

  • Fixed many bugs and bunnies in this release as well.

Happy Sailing!

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