This list provides detailed information on common export error messages you can see in Datamolino. Each can have very different root causes. If you do not find your error message in the list, please contact our support team.

1.Account code "###" is not a valid code for this document

The error "Account code "###" is not a valid code for this document". This error occurs because the “Show in expense claims” box for the category has not been ticked in your Chart of accounts in Xero.
To fix this, go into your Xero, Accounting and then select Chart of accounts.
From here you can click into each category and then select “show in expense claims”. 

2. The item exists in Xero with status different than draft

This happens when you try to export a document to Drafts in Xero and it had already been previously published there with a different status, such as Awaiting Approval, Paid or Awaiting Payment. We are able to flag duplicates In Datamolino itself by comparing invoice numbers and supplier names, but this error can occur if you export historical data to Xero.

3. 'An error occurred in Xero. Check the API Status page for current service status. Contact the API support
team at for more assistance.'  

This could be caused by two main factors:

  1. if you uploaded an invoice to purchases, exported it, then switched it to sales and re-exported

  2. if the document was previously exported, approved or voided in Xero.

Even though you have encountered this error, the invoice is likely already in Xero. Please search for the invoice number in Xero and see if the document is there.

4. net readtimeout

It is an error that Xero gives back when the connection to Xero is too slow. Please try exporting again after a little bit.

5. The document date cannot be before the period lock date, currently set at Day/Month/Year

Please check whether your date is locked in your Xero organisation settings:

6. Sales invoices error (unique number)

This error happens with sales invoices when a sales invoice in your Xero already has the same number as the document that you are trying to export. Xero requires that each sales invoice has a unique number. 

You can edit the invoice number in Datamolino and export it (for example, add a letter to the invoice number INV0041 >> INV0041a). 

However, you should first check why you have the same invoice number on two different invoices.

7.  At least one Line item is mandatory!

This happens when you click on line items extraction but there are no line items to display. 

You will not be allowed to export the document unless you add a line or switch back to Invoice total tab. 

8. The TaxType code “OUTPUT2” cannot be used with account code ‘5065’

This error message occurs when wrong coding is used. For instance, if you used income code instead of expenses code on VAT. Please check your Chart of Accounts in Xero. The simplest way to fix this is to change the ledger account to the expenses code. 

9.  Invoice not of valid status for modification

This means that you previously exported this invoice to Xero and approved it there. We do not overwrite approved invoices in Xero (this is a precaution to keep your data safe in Xero). Only documents that are still in Drafts can be modified by Datamolino. To fix the issue, please delete this document both in Xero and Datamolino, then re-import it again.

Also, if you export a transaction and then delete it in Xero, you will get an error if you try to re-export to Xero. This is because with every re-export we are trying to update the original transaction. We try not to create duplicates when someone exports data multiple times.

10. Blank Message (you only see date and time)

This could be caused by slow connection with Xero. Please open your folder, click on the arrow next to “Export to Xero”, click “Disconnect Xero”. Then click on the same arrow and click “Connect your accounting”, connect your Xero organisation again.

11. Unknown response code 301 or 302

This can be caused by temporary issues with Datamolino’s connection to Xero. Please try re-exporting documents later.

12. This may be a duplicate

If a transaction's invoice number and supplier name matches with a previously uploaded transaction, we flag it as a possible duplicate with a link to the oldest transaction with the same supplier name / invoice number combination.

13. Contact is mandatory

The transaction is not paired with any Xero contact. Pairing needs to be done so that Datamolino can remember how to pair your supplier names with contacts in Xero. We do not want to create new supplier contacts in Xero without your consent. To fix this, please click on the Contact field and either choose one from the list (you can type here) or create a new contact. Once you pair a contact with a supplier name, we remember your selection.

14. Account code "xxxx" is not a valid code for this document

This is just a reply from Xero that it does not allow the selected ledger account to be used for purchases. Please check the settings of your Xero Chart of Accounts.

15. An existing Invoice with the specified InvoiceID could not be found

There are two situations when this error can occur:

1. When a document has been exported as a Purchase Invoice first, then switched to Sales and re-exported again as a Sales Invoice.

2. When a document was previously exported to a different Xero organisation and you wanted to re-export it again to a different Xero.

It gives the same error message and it won’t allow you to do it.
When a document with the status ‘ready’ is moved accross, there should not be a problem.

To resolve this issue, please delete the document and upload it again to Datamolino.

16. 'Invoice 0-body’ 

This message can occur while using our mobile phone application.

It can be caused by bad internet connection on your phone or when the app is unable to upload the picture to our API.

To resolve this issue, please re-open the app when you are on Wi-fi and check if all images have been uploaded.

17. Bank account status invalid for payment creation

Please check whether your bank account in Xero has an “Archived” status. 

18. The status 'DELETED' cannot be applied to the document

This error occurs when you try to export an Expense Claim from Datamolino which was previously deleted in Xero. 

To resolve this problem, please re-submit the document to Datamolino or create the transaction in Xero manually.

19. Ooops. Something went wrong. Try to re-connect your cloud accounting. Or ask for help in our support chat.

We updated the way folders connect to Xero. Now it is simpler to connect multiple folders to one Xero organisation. 

If you received this message, simply disconnect your folder from Xero and connect it again. 

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