You can upload new documents to your Folder by clicking the "Import files" button. Please note, that you are always uploading documents to the section that you are currently in. Click the "Purchases" or "Sales" button right next to the folder email address or open the folder menu on the top right.

TIP: If you are scanning documents, set your scanner to email files directly to your folder.

A friendly Import Wizard will appear:

  1. Drag documents directly to the drag and drop area or choose files from your computer.

  2. Your files will begin to import immediately. Wait for all the files to be uploaded

  3. Click "Done" when all files have finished uploading.

Once you click “done”, you will be redirected to your import history where you can access details on uploaded documents.
This dashboard provides data on how your files were sent (email, web our phone app), who sent them, as well as the original filenames and upload times.
To get back to your folder just click here:

Oops, I have uploaded documents to the wrong subfolder, what now?

You can move the invoices between the Sales and Purchase subfolders by clicking on "Three dots" and selecting "Switch: purchase/sales". The files are moved immediately.

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